RE: Non-sensory experiences

Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 15:35:23 MST

Amara sez:

>>There is also sound, however minimal<<

>I would guess that differences would be here, depending on where you
go for the sensory-deprivation tank. I don't think that music is
always present.

A distant hum of the motor?

>>, and smell, however scant.<<


Sometimes sweaty, sometimes residue of molecules from the skin.

>- Helps the mind accept the notion that the body does not exist.<

Yes, I like doing this with meditation.

>- Body pain that was present is now lessened.<

Deep relaxation massage too!

>>This does not mean that this experience is a non-sensory environment.<<

>So then my view is that if less physical pain means less sensation,
then it's going in the direction of 'sensory-deprivation'. So then,
'non' probably is incorrect, but 'less' would apply.<

Less sensation to pain.

>Natasha, are you saying that the mind is subsituting other sensations
for the 'missing' pain? Phantom limb effect here, then, but how much
do we know about the phantom-limb mechanism? We need some pain doctors
to tell us more of the mind-body link I think.<

No, I wasn't thinking about that Amara. But, it does occur (saw it on a TLC or Discovery program once or twice). Also a memory of a pain can affect the mind and body. I'm not knowlegeable about this angle. I have pain almost every day and I just live through it. (-:))


(Psst.... call when you are in town in Dec. and let's create an environment for deep relaxation.)



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