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Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 18:45:40 MST wrote:
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> >> Atheism is a religion?
> >> This sounds like a problem with the Maoist religion as far as I can tell.
> >
> >Excellent point, and one that reminds us that, unlike theists, atheists don't
> >wage religious wars. The millions murdered by socialist totalitarianism were
> >the victims of ideology, not any pogrom against supernaturalism.
> Gosh, that must have made the victims feel so much better :-P
> Religion models certain non-theistic belief sets, including Communism and
> certain extreme environmentalist sects, very nicely. Similarities
> include rejection of factual evidence, belief in some goal which is higher
> than human well-being, factionalism, and intolerance of dissent.

I see. If whatever-evil-thing doesn't fall under the favorite
whipping boy, religion, why then whatever it is is defined as
another form of the said favored whipping boy. And this endless
morphing of definitions is consider to be "rational". Got it.

- samantha

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