Re: Think 20

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 10:43:46 MST

I've been ahead of the crowd since 1968 or so. :) wrote:
> What year is it? Two thousand one, or twenty-oh-one? Sooner or later
> we have to stop saying two thousand and start saying twenty.
> For now, both are four syllables. But once we get to 2010, twenty-ten
> is only 3 syllables while two thousand ten is four. At least by then
> we must have switched to saying twenty.
> Why not take the leap now? Get in the habit of naming years with twenty.
> This is twenty-oh-one, next year is twenty-oh-two, and so on. You'll be
> ahead of the crowd.
> Hal
> P.S. Another advantage of twenty is that you won't be tempted to say
> two thousand and one.

My moronic mnemonic for smart behavior: "DICKS" == 
diplomacy, integrity, courage, kindness, skepticism.

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