Biotech Fantasy (a song)

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A song you folks might like ....

From: "science-oriented songs"

                        Biotech Fantasy

                        by Heather Rose Jones

We've - got - an - animal liberationist in our lab,
In a cage behind the storage shelves in Room 117.
He helps with our experiments
Although he'd rather not.
But think of all the rabbits that he's saving from those shots.
His cause was true, his heart was pure.
He better hope we find - a - cure.

You - see - we - had a little warning,
Threatening calls and letters too.
So we prepared a small surprise
With springs and chicken wire and glue.
When he came creeping in that night
He didn't see our trap
Until he tripped the lever and the cage door came down - Snap!
'Twas such a noble sacrifice
To give himself to save - those - mice.

We've - said - we'll - let him out
As soon as we can cure what he has caught.
You can bet he's learned he shouldn't open lab doors labeled "Hot"
(spoken) That's laboratory slang for "Radioactive".
Now with our human subject our results are up tenfold
Although our testing sometimes gets a little uncontrolled.
We could do so much with 3 or 4
Maybe soon we'll get - some - more.

We've - got - an - animal liberationist in our lab.
We feed him only certified Purina Human Chow.
Although we are quite proud of him
We keep him hid away.
'Specially when inspected by the U. S. D. of A.
Oh, he may cry, "Alas, alack!"
I don't think we'll send - him - back.

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