Re: Scientists Expect To See Miniature Black Holes

Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 12:13:23 MST

John Clark writes:
> begin 666 ScienceDaily Magazine -- Scientists Expect To See Miniature Black Holes.url
> M6T1%1D%53%1=#0I"05-%55),/6AT=' Z+R]W=W<N<V-I96YC961A:6QY+F-O
> M;2]R96QE87-E<R\R,# Q+S$Q+S Q,3$P,3 V,#@S.2YH=&T-"@T*6TEN=&5R
> M;F5T4VAO<G1C=71=#0I54DP]:'1T<#HO+W=W=RYS8VEE;F-E9&%I;'DN8V]M
> M+W)E;&5A<V5S+S(P,#$O,3$O,#$Q,3 Q,#8P.#,Y+FAT;0T*36]D:69I960]
> 4.#!%,4-#0CA&0S8R0S$P,3 U#0H`
> `
> end

I'm not sure where the uuencoded block at the end comes from, maybe an
artifact of cut-and-paste with some browser?

John's article from last month at describes the
physical model behind this. You would only see black holes if the
universe has multiple spatial dimensions, which has to be considered
pretty questionable at this point. I don't see much that is new in this
press release from UCSB, I think they are still talking about the same
CERN accelerators that we discussed last month?


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