OT: grad school advice

From: Damien Sullivan (phoenix@ugcs.caltech.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 18:25:47 MST

So, the little mechanisms in my head seem to have turned over, such that it's
time to try to Do Something with my life, and I want to go to grad school, in
some sort of cognitive science program. What I've said for years I wanted to
do Sometime, only Sometime is Now. Or next year, I guess, given admissions.

So if anyone has advice, whether about applying in general or about specific
programs or schools to apply to, it'd be welcome. As background, I've liked
Hofstadter's type of work as expressed in _Fluid Concepts and Creative
Analogies_, and Pinker's _How The Mind Works_ was a recent catalyst, towards
"this is cool, damnit, I want to help". My assets are a planetary science
degree from Caltech, with a crappy GPA, and not much releated coursework,
although I should be able to get a good GRE score. So applying is a bit more
intimidating than when I was headed for undergraduate school as a high school

Advice should probably be sent directly to me, since I haven't been
reading listmail regularly in quite some time.


-xx- Damien X-)

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