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From: J Corbally (
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 16:42:17 MST

Interesting article about one of the emerging problems facing the British
Prime Minister.

>'My allegiance is to Allah'
>No-one should be surprised by reports that young Muslim men from Britain
>have died in Afghanistan

Some interesting comments from some Luton-based Muslims;

>Although their opinions are not representative of all Muslims, they would
>frighten most of us.
>One said: "Whenever Muslims are under attack I will always fight for them
>and I will always give my life and want to give my life. "

Given that the U.K. has in recent times experienced serious race-relations
problems culminating in the Oldham riots, this can only add to an already
tense situation.

I've also been reading many of the "Opinion" items published on the Irish
Times website since 911. They have articles from those on both sides of
"the fence". For those who are inclined, a browse through their archives
gives an interesting "external" perspective.



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