Re: Guys, take it easy on Sam. She IS an Extropian.

From: John Clark (
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 22:48:40 MDT

Alex F. Bokov <> Wrote:

>She is a technologically savvy person [...] So, I differ with Samantha
>on a number of issues.

Alex I respect you so when you say Samantha has some good qualities I think
it must be true. I also think politeness is a worthwhile virtue but to say I disagree
with her is putting it so mildly, so apathetically, as to be completely misleading.
Some people are trying to kill me, an effort is being made to stop them but
Samantha says that effort should stop immediately. That just makes my blood boil.
She may be a technologically savvy person but on this issue I repeat what I said,
she is a blithering idiot. I would never get this angry if we were arguing over a
technical question or even over politics, but this issue is not something abstract,
it involves my survival and I take it personally.

         John K Clark

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