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From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 11:27:13 MDT

Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:

> You must be joking.

Observe the lack of humor, characteristic of the true believer.

>This "war" is not about freedom,

One of her rare true statements, this war is of course about not
dying. Her reason for putting the word in quotation marks, assuming
there is a reason, is unknown.

>It is about vengeance, incredible hypocrisy and dishonesty about our
>own "terrorism" and grabbing more power

Here we see yet another fine example of blithering idiocy. She believes that crashing
4 civilian airliners, damaging the Pentagon, destroying the WTC and murdering
6 thousand Americans is too trivial a reason to go to war, rather Americans
decided to attack to poorest country in the world for fun. The purity and
magnitude of the foolishness can only leave one humbled and awestruck.

>in a region where we have been attempting to get rights to pipe oil
> across to growing Southeast Asian market for sometime.

Now this is something quite different, not an example of stupidly but rather
an ignorance of Afghanistan, one of the most mountainous countries in the
world, as any fourth grade geography student could tell you. It is hard to
imagine a more difficult or expensive way to move oil than building a pipeline
in a hostile land over a 20,000 foot mountain range; however if mass murder
is not enough to explain how a war starts the true believer needs to invent
a story to explain it. This one needs work.

>At the current rate millions of Afghanis will die this winter from hunger.

There are two schools of thoughts on this, one that it is just more of the
above mentioned blithering idiocy, the other that it is a disingenuous
attempt to shift the blame from those who are really stopping the food trucks
to that of the USA. This question has not been resolved

>we have become so monstrous we do not even comprehend what we
>are any longer or what our ideals are or what we wish they are. We will
>have become only a self-justifying blind King of Tyrants. [...] media largely
>controlled by the same corporations that made our President and VP rich men

 Hysteria of this sort is emblematic of the species Marxius Leninus or
Imbecileus Chomskyus, but it's difficult to make a firm identification.

          John K Clark

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