Anthrax linked to 911and Bin Laden

From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 09:46:13 MDT

It really doesn't look like a lone crazy domestic biology student. According to
today's New York Times and contrary to other reports the Anthrax was
extremely sophisticated and capable of widespread damage. Not only was the
particle size very small, uniform and lacking in impurities but more important it
was treated to reduce its electrostatic charge that would tend to make it clump
together. This would also explain how one sealed letter could infect so many people.
Only 3 places on Earth are known to have the expertise to do this, the USA, the
former Soviet Union, and Iraq. Three world class experts on germ warfare told the
newspaper that government statements playing down the powder's potency came
from ignorance or an impulse to calm the public's nerves.

Microbiologist William C Patrick who once made bio weapons for the USA said
" It's remarkably free of extraneous material, it's electrostatic free, and its in
high concentration." He called reports that the Anthrax was of poor quality
"nonsense". He said "The only difference between this and weapons grade is
the size of the production."

Microbiologist Richard Spertzel who inspected for biological weapons for the
UN in Iraq said " there's no question this is weapons quality, it has all the
characteristics, fine particles and readily dispersible".

Al Zelicoff a physician at the Sandia National Laboratory said "These people know
what they're doing, I'm truly worried they have the keys to the kingdom."

         John K Clark

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