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Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 15:38:58 MDT

Far, far away, on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy,
there's a beautiful planet called Dumbtopia.

Dumbtopia's inhabitants are called Idiots.

They believe in a Supernatural creature they call

Dumbtopia is divided into Dumbcountries -- at least,
that's what the Idiots believe. They sporadically fight
and slaughter each other over some skyblessforsaken
patch of land -- "For Skybless and Dumbcountry."

Apparently, each Dumbcountry is ruled by a Plusidiot.
Plusidiots are wiser than Idiots because they have
blue blood -- or so they say. Common Idiots have red
blood and believe that Plusidiots are their Superiors.

Apparantly. each Plusidiot has a Dumbcouncil to help
rule the common Idiots. Plusidiots have a secret magic
drink called Etherwise. They give it to selected Idiots
to drink. It makes their heads spin. After they've been
drinking Etherwise for about a month, they experience
Dumbliss, become Halfwits, and qualify to serve on

Plusidiots and Halfwits pretend to have the ability to
speak and write magic words called Pluswords --
Pluws for short. Common Idiots believe that Pluws
are special holy words that must be obeyed. To
make sure this dumb belief sticks, Plusidiots
employ Dumbcops to punish and kill Idiots who
"disobey The Pluw."

Many common Idiots campaign to "Improve the
holy Pluws."

Every hundred years or so, as a result of an unusual
evolutionary mutation, some common Idiot wakes
up and realizes that all the political systems on
Dumbtopia are hoaxes and frauds. The woken-up
Idiot then suggests that Plusidiots really have red
blood, just like all common Idiots, and that there's
nothing special about so-called "Plusidiots" and
"Halfwits" -- they're really common Idiots like
everybody else.

As soon as the Dumbcops discover a woken-up
Idiot, they kill him or her. "Skybless help us if the
Idiots ever discover that so-called "Plusidiots" and
"Halfwits" are really impostors and liars -- common
Idiots like all the rest -- and that their pretended
"Pluws" are hoaxes... strings of dumb lies written
by Idiots!"

Frederick Mann

"Clear-Your-Mind Reports"

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