Re: Two essays on the violence seemingly inherent in Islam

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 11:04:12 MDT

> >Hypothetically, what if there was a religion (not Islam, a
> >hypothetical religion that doesn't exist at all in our timeline)
> >diametrically opposed to the liberal, secular, rational, humanist,
> >egalitarian values. Would it be acceptable for us to regard this
> >religion as a problem rather than as a valid point of view, much like
> >we regard bigotry and hatred as problems rather than as opinions?

I think most rational folks don't see any difference between religious
points of view and things like bigotry and racism. The latter are
just opinions too, and deserve equal freedom. A man has just as much
right to be a bigot as he does to be a Christian. It is when either
reaches the level of _action_ that we become concerned. With religious
groups, the primary action to be concerned about is legislation.

It is true that society at large sees it differently; most people
probably do disapprove of bigotry and approve of religion. But the
fact taht society sees it that way doesn't make it rational.

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