Re: Monitoring people (was Re: Meritocracies and freedom ofinformation)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 15:39:40 MDT

Louis Newstrom wrote:
> From: "Extropian Agro Forestry Ventures Inc." <>
> > A relatively simple way to monitor suspicious activity without new
> > technology would be to make GPS units manditory for all licenced motor
> > vehicles.
> I believe that the airplanes used had GPS and transponders. The terrorists
> simply turned them off. This system did not stop the terrorists. The
> monitoring stations on the ground simply assumed that the planes went down.
> (Today, I think there would be a different response...)
> The point is, such systems are too easily disabled to do any good.

It's enforcement that is a problem. Infiltrators abandoning a
wearable/smartcard/implant need to have automatic APBs put out on them
as soon as abandonment has been confirmed, on local crimestoppers
programs, and internet bounty hunter websites. Make it so that they'd
prefer being caught by the cops rather than the citizenry (as most
criminals do).

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