Re: Being more with less (Was: the waves of immigration)

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 09:19:03 MDT

Mark commented on my being too easily satisfied with my "Extropian
ethics" (morality) and posed a number of important questions.
I would tend to place most of his questions in the areas of
Extropian Epistimology or Extropian Aesthetics. I would
sum up his questions with the problem of how does one choose
between the relative values of the orthoganal vectors:
"more", "different" and "better". I would say that I
do not have answers -- I myself tend to lean towards
different and better, but thats just me. It seems to
me that the development path phase space is so huge
it will never be explored completely. It seems likely
that one has to choose a vector an explore it, realizing
you may have to forsake the exploration of other areas.

Since there are many people on the list who have much better
backgrounds in philosophy I will leave Mark's questions to
their exploration. It is certainly true that each of them
could spawn a long discussion. Perhaps something to consider
for Extro 6.


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