Re: Paypal problems?

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 10:14:22 MDT

>From: "Alex F. Bokov" <>

>Hiya Ken, good to hear from ya. Okay, prosaic explanation accepted.
>Fact still stands that if they know who I am, I have no provable
>privacy when doing business through them. The only secret they can't
>betray is one they don't know.

Yeah, well here's what goldmoney says about their willingness to protect
your privacy:

"GoldMoney will open a Holding for anyone who provides the basic information
normally required (e.g., address, telephone, email address, etc). Given the
nature of the Internet, pseudonymity (but not anonymity) is possible in
GoldMoney, which records each transaction and keeps an audit trail that
could be retrieved if needed to meet legal process."

Paypal is much easier, simpler and just as "anonymous," it seems, as the


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