Re: TERRORISM: the grim prospects

From: steve (
Date: Sat Oct 20 2001 - 04:28:33 MDT

Hal said

> I thought the following claim by Schwartz was astonishing:
> : The same influences are brought to bear throughout the 10-million-strong
> : Muslim community in America, as well as those in Europe. In the US, 80
> : cent of mosques are estimated by the Sufi Hisham al-Kabbani, born in
> : and now living in the US, to be under the control of Wahhabi imams, who
> : preach extremism
> If 80% of United States mosques are Wahhabi, this is not a movement which
> is remote and foreign. We can learn more about it just by visiting a
> local mosque or Moslem cultural center.
> There have been a number of ecumenical gatherings meant to bring together
> people from different cultures, Arab Americans and local Muslims along
> with mainstream Jews and Christians. I would love to attend one of these
> and ask the question about the influence of Wahhab. Is it true that
> this movement is synonymous with violent anti-Americanism, as Schwartz
> makes it out to be? Why would Muslims living in the United States,
> many of whom are middle class or above and who aren't grubbing a living
> in the mean streets of Cairo, find such a religious movement attractive?

They don't neccessarily. It is true that the great majority of the mosques
are Wahabi (or a closely related movement such as Deobandi). That doesn't
mean the majority of the people who go to the mosques espouse such views. As
to why Wahabism has become so influential, there's a simple answer - money.
Saudi money to be precise. The Saudis subsidise sympathetic mosques and
maulvis massively which gives them a big advantage. Steve D.
> To me, this doesn't add up. I don't know how credible Schwartz is on
> this issue (again, a problem with reposting material from elsewhere
> without analysis or comment). Either Wahhabism is not as closely tied
> to violence as is claimed, or it is not so widespread in the U.S.
> The alternative is that 80% of U.S. mosques are fifth columns where
> terrorists hide waiting for their chance to strike, which is absurd.
> Hal

The correct relation between Wahabism and violence is this: Most Wahabis are
not violent -but-virtually all violent Muslims are Wahabis. i don't know how
close to correct 80% is but I'm confident the figure is over 50%. That does
not mean 80% or what ever of U.S. muslims are fifth columnists but that
there is a minorty who are. Typically young, male, unmarried and fairly well
educated, probably in the sciences. SD

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