TERRORISM: the grim prospects

From: Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@aeiveos.com)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 14:18:38 MDT

The NY Times has an interesting piece about the problem
of Saudi Arabian schools "programming" their young people
with a foundation for radical Islamic beliefs.

October 19, 2001
Anti-Western and Extremist Views Pervade Saudi Schools

It makes for pretty grim reading. It suggests that many of the Saudi
males educated over the last decade or two are prime candidates for
being reprogrammed as assault weapons.

> "Hamoud al-Shuaibi, an elderly sheik who issued a fatwa, or religious
> ruling, condemning the American attacks on Afghanistan, answered a
> question on the Net about when jihad, or holy war, is permissible.
> 'Jihad is allowed against infidels like the Jews, Christians and
> atheists,' he answered in part."

Samantha, if you read this -- can you possibly interpret the above
statement in any way other than "these people want you dead"?

It would appear one of the main problems with Islam is that almost
anyone can issue a "fatwa". The middle class Islamic people follow
the fatwas from individuals saying Islam cannot be used to justify
violence and the unemployed male youth of Saudi Arabia follow the
Fatwas that drive them to migrate to Afghanistan where they can
learn to commit "jihad" on the infidels.


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