Re: Mass Media target of Anthrax-terrorism!

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 21:42:10 MDT

Randy Smith wrote:
>...the waves of immigration that now plague this nation

It is hard to imagine that anybody could say anything so stupid on this
list. Randy you are such a jerk -- you wouldn't even be an American if
there hadn't been any immigration to that continent.

         - Miriam>>

Er...OK ::deep breath::
 You need to draw a clear distinction between
"immigration" in the nice clean 21rst century
usuage...and the bad bad word.
  We did not "petition the Natives" for entrance
to their social systems. We did not seek to use
their tax base (laughable thought that!).
  We displaced them with extreme prejiduce.
  We took the tools of a technological society
and turned NorAm into a place that the preexisting
peoples wouldn't even recognize.
  We displaced them just like they displaced the
ones who were there before them (some of whom,
it seems, were caucasian, though it doesn't matter
much persay).
  As for my ancestors immigrating... well most of
my family came, and they assimilated. The welfare
systems were not in place then, and my family
ostracizes any members who use them to this day.
  We don't need multitudes of immigrants straining
our society at this point, not right now.
   If we were going to accept lots of immigrants
we should focus on the sort of scources we used
to focus on. There are lots of good potential
immigrants in South Africa and Rhodesia for
example. Or Eastern Europe. Folks who would
move things in a positive direction.
  The Boers have some spine still. We could use
people whose ancestors pulled off the Great Trek.
  Unlike many of the folks (here and abroad) who
play with America's demographics in the name of
abstract "ideals" straight out of Das Kapital.
   What do I call people like that.. ah yes "jerks"..
and remarkably they say "stupid things on this list"
from time to time. Randy isn't one of them however.

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