Re: the waves of immigration that now plague this nation

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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 20:47:37 MDT


On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Mike Lorrey wrote:

> We are in the situation we are in today specifically because we have
> torn down many of the most useful barriers to entry while keeping many
> of the most inequitable barriers, and have eliminated ANY means of
> keeping track of those let in on a temporary basis.

Okay. Since we have a hierarchical government, borders are something
we'll have to put up with. For now. But as society moves away from
hierarchical control, we'll become as much of an indistinct target as
Al Pisda now is. Acts of massive destruction will still be possible,
but they will be robbed of their symbolism, their political leverage.

> I am all for unlimited immigration, but only between high trust
> societies. We should not automatically treat all foreigners as if they
> live in high trust societies. They don't, generally, and 9-11 is
> partially the result of such bad judgement (along with a refusal to
> trust citizens with all of their rights when on an airliner).

Okay. The second rule of winning at iterated prisoner's dilemma is
tit-for-tat after all. Just let's remember that the third rule is to
periodically re-evaluate the untrustworthy agent's behavior to make
sure they are still an untrustworthy agent.

> NOTE to Randy: Cut the offensive comments, they make you look worse than
> you are.

No, keep it up, Randy. You have no idea how bored I've gotten with
nobody but liberals to skewer. The few conservatives on this list are
so low-key and reasonable-sounding I can barely tell them apart from
libertarians. Variety! I crave variety.

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