Re: the waves of immigration that now plague this nation

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 17:08:16 MDT

> You would laugh at them, right? Well, I 'm laughing at you! This is our
> country, and we run it the way we choose. I say that some ways of running a
> country are better than other ways (same goes for a business). And I say my
> way is a better way.

Thinking of people in terms of "countries" instead of individuals is
part of the problem. I have no respect for patriots; I am a free man
not because I happened to be born within US borders, I am a free man
because I am alive. I do not ask for entitlements to anything but
the freedom to associate and deal with those who freely choose to
associate and deal with me--and I must therefore grant those same
rights to everyone else, regardless of their "nationality" or any
other artificial category. If the government that has presently
imposed itself upon this soil supports such honest and voluntary
dealings among free men, then it can be tolerated. If it does not,
then it is my enemy.

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