Re: Immigrants (was Re: Mass Media ...)

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 13:23:07 MDT

Randy Smith wrote:

>I am sad to say that you and many of your list-mates here really don't
>think and analyze on your own, but just follow a program. You think as you
>are told, in large part.

And who, exactly, is telling "us" what to think? There is a major
difference between agreeing with certain concepts, as the majority of this
list's members seem to do, and blindly accepting them, as you are accusing
"us" of. First of all, you of all people, Randy, should know that blanket
generalizations are extremely foolish. Are you aware of what the public
perception of cryonics is? There are a number of false generalizations
associated with that, as I'm sure you have encountered. Second of all, if
you think that most of this list's members just follow a program, then why
are you here? Why not go out and pioneer your own lists and original
nonconformist ideologies?

>Oh well, at least this list is *nominally* in favor in immortality,
>although I find it hard to believe that a practical immortalist would
>espouse spending money on a space program....

Well, please explain why not. Your thoughts on the matter may have some
merit...why not elaborate?

>You may now resume the tribal chatter, etc....

In regards to Alex Bokov's initial post, I must say that I almost fully
agree, though I don't think the way he worded it was entirely
necessary. As I have mentioned on this list a few times, I am very
pro-America, and the only reason I am not currently residing in the U.S. is
because the immigration laws have conditions I am not currently in a
position to meet. I am certain, however, that there are many others like
me who espouse the American values of Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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