the waves of immigration that now plague this nation

From: Smigrodzki, Rafal (SmigrodzkiR@MSX.UPMC.EDU)
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 11:55:42 MDT

Randy Smith wrote in response to Miriam:

And you wouldn't even own a house if someone hadn't sold you one.
So therefore I may sleep in your house whenever I please--free of charge of

### I have some misgivings about getting involved in the discussion that
Randy started but, whatever. Here it goes.

As an immigrant I represent a clear gain for the American society. I came
with excellent education (worth about 300 000$, counting the investment in
my childhood, grade school, high school, medical school, postgraduate
education, entirely paid by the taxpayers in Poland and Germany), good
health, decent work ethic. By competing with local physicians, I and other
IMG's (International Medical Graduates) contributed to the reduction in
healthcare cost growth rate that occurred in the last few years, while
maintaining a consistent standard of quality.

I do pay to sleep in my house. I own it. I am a taxpayer (even though I am
not allowed to vote - this is taxation without representation), and my money
goes toward the Social Security and welfare benefits of persons who do not
necessarily contribute to the American society but had the priviledge of
being born here. By the way, do you expect to receive such assistance or or
are you receiving it? If yes, some of it is my money.

The question of regulating immigration can best be solved to the benefit of
the American nation by an impartial economic analysis aiming to optimize the
gains and reduce the losses due to immigration, both of which can be
measured. Cheap xenophobia will harm you. It will reduce your retirement

Rafal Smigrodzki, MD-PhD

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