Re: Anthrax addendum

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 09:02:24 MDT

John wrote:

> The latest anthrax letter contained spoors of a very small and very
> uniform size, that is quite difficult to do but makes it considerably more
> dangerous. It also blows out of the water the lone crazy microbiology
> student theory.

Not necessisarily. I used to be a crazy microbiology student.
With my knowledge of other fields, I suspect I could accomplish
getting the particles down to that size. You have to allow
for the fact that the knowledge for doing this has existed
for decades. I haven't done a patent search but I would bet
there is something in the database that could be used in this
regard. That first became open information with easy access
around '95-'96 or so when IBM started up the patent database server.

People have had plenty of time since then to take advantage of
the resource.

Because anthrax isn't contagious it isn't at the top of my
worry list. People should notice we are adapting to the situation
very quickly.

> "These storms will not calm until you retreat in defeat in Afghanistan, stop
> your assistance to the Jews in Palestine, end the siege imposed on the Iraqi
> people, leave the Arabian peninsula, and stop your support for the Hindus
> against the Muslims in Kashmir,"

This is what they claimed, I believe, *after* the bombing started and
may be an attempt to widen general Islamic support against America
(swell the ranks of people who support them with money or bodies).
If you look at bin Laden's history he wants the U.S. out of Saudi
Arabia so he can bring down the royal family. Its an economic
struggle because he views the rulers and their friends as extremely
corrupt having siphoned off a not-so-small fraction of the oil
wealth into their own pockets.

We are going to be at risk until we get completely out of the

I'd also like to urge people to be calm and rational and respond with
cool-headed thought rather than hot-headed words.


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