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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 09:50:56 MDT

At 04:24 PM 10/17/2001 +0100, "Steve Nichols" <> wrote:

> >I suggest to you that your notion of "law" (so-called) is
> >at best a *human* social convenience -- an aspect of
> >*human* politics -- and at worst a disastrous human
> >hallucination.
>As a games programmer (and organiser of the World
>Chaturanga Championships) I see RULES as essential.
>In fact games are defined by having rules that are agreed
>amongst the players .... otherwise the games couldn't be
>played and we wouln't have any fun!

Can you see any difference between "rules that are
agreed amongst the players" and pretended "laws"
"promulgated" by political liars and cheaters?

>Laws fortunately are not "set in stone;" unless you
>happen to believe in the Ten Commandments or Islamic
>Sharia ... so are negotiable amongst "players" in any
>democratic societies. If you absolutely can't live with
>them, (1) find a country with Laws that suit you better,
>(2) go live in the desert by yourself, or (3) try to get the
>Laws changed, maybe by joining the Posthuman.Org
>global electoral struggle?

Limited-options fallacy. Maybe you have some work
to do to clear human political hallucinations from
your mind. See "Clear-Your-Mind Reports"

> >As long as you think in terms of "changing various Laws,"
> >I will consider you *in this respect* to be engaging in
> >human politics at the same primitive/backward level
> >as the Vatican, Mormons, Baptists, Islam &c.
>So you are a complete nihilist and want any type of
>behaviour to be allowed?

Argumentum ad hominem plus straw man.

>What about property law?
>How would business function without commercial

Straw-man fallacy, or irrelevant non-sequiturs.
Do you think that in the absence of your silly
notion of "law" people won't be able to make
agreements regarding property and commerce?
Seems similar to the silly notion that you can't
have morality without "God" (so-called). Is that
why you sometimes capitalize your "Law" idol?

If you're trying to convince me that your thinking
in the area of so-called "law" and your so-called
"posthuman politics" are at the same level as the
Vatican, Mormons, Baptists, Islam &c., you're doing
a great job!

Frederick Mann

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