RE: Humans doomed without space colonies, says Hawking

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 00:14:47 MDT

Adrian Tymes []wrote
> This is only one possibility. Asteroid mining might become feasable
> around step 3...and if it does, watch for the bottoms to drop out of
> metal commodity markets worldwide, .....
>yet the asteroid miners *still* make a killing.

If means we can at least partly stop raping the earth to get basic
minerals.....I'm not going to cry over it. Anyone with a gram (I was going
to say ounce but I'm fed up with imperial units) of vision will get out of
earth based bulk mineral stocks early.

We're also going to need a new term for 'worldwide' aren't we?
Say....systemwide, Has anyone thought of the DNS system for
off-world web sites yet?

I believe I'm headed for what could be called a "semantic clusterf..k".
Time for a cup of tea and collect some worthwhile thoughts.


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