Re: Cryonicist/NYPD officer killed due to WTC attack

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 09:49:13 MDT

>From: "John Grigg" <>
>Subject: Cryonicist/NYPD officer killed due to WTC attack
>Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 21:47:32 -0900
>On cryonet I learned about another life tragically snuffed out by the
>terrorist attack.
>I looked with great interest at the photograph of cryonicist/fallen NYPD
>officer, John Perry. Most of the other officers had the hardened and gaunt
>look of someone doing law enforcement work in a very rough locale. But,
>John had that really big, friendly, and confident smile on his face! He
>really stood apart from the others. I wish I had been able to meet this
>I found it fascinating that a libertarian who had practiced law earlier in
>life, would decide to jump into such a tough, yet potentially rewarding
>line of work. It makes me wonder what the other officers thought of him.
>I tend to think in another age John Perry would have perished trying to
>save people from a viciously attacked space colony. As much as I hope we
>will one day not need to call upon people to risk their lives, I hope we
>never run out of brave men and women like John Perry.
>This is a great article about the man:
>Sadly, I have learned he had dropped out of his contract with ALCOR. But,
>even if he had been signed up, it would have made no difference in the end
>due to the nature of his death.

Well, then he wasn't really a cryonicist, was he? :-)

It sounds as if he was another young, idealistic libertarian. Smart,
educated person, no doubt. I surprised Perry never joined the seminary.
Libertarianism and humanism are really filling a void and a need that humans
have, and which religion fills.

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