Censorware Article In November Playboy

From: Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 13:52:09 MDT

The November 2001 print issue of Playboy Magazine
<http://www.playboy.com> has an article by Chip Rowe "Access Denied:
coming to a library near you: censorware. (Forum page 55). I just
received my copy in the mail today.

Rowe cites an example from Bennett Haselton <http://www.peacefire.org/>:

Begin Playboy quote: "Haselton created four web pages with titles
such as "The Homosexual Agenda Information Center." He posted the
anti-gay snippets without attribution. He then reported the pages to
various filtering companies. Four companies blocked every page; two
others blocked at least two. Haselton shared the results with a
reporter, who then phoned the companies to inform them of the ruse.
Each refused to block the original sites. Today's lesson, kids: It's
not the content of the message but the clout of the messenger that
will determine what you see." End Playboy quote.

Censorware refers to Internet filtering software that is federally
mandated via The Children's Internet Protection Act. The Act
requires public schools and libraries to install the Orwellian
software or risk losing federal funds. In a recent show of moral
courage the San Francisco City Library system refused to install the
software and publicly stated that they'd forego the federal funds.

Regards, Matt-

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