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>Amara Graps wrote:
>> Robert J. Bradbury:
>> (keeping the subject line to follow the tangent)
>(changing the subject line to inform the readers)
>> >I believe those differences to be significant. However "experiential"
>> >belief must deal with "consentual" belief (presumably the scientific
>> >reality). In the face of significant evidence to the contrary -- I am
>> >going to trust that my senses may have experienced a misperception
>> >rather than go against commonly accepted scientific principles. I will
>> >none-the-less place those scientific principles on trial for
>> >examination with regard to their validity. That I believe is the
>> >Extropic path. If what one has experienced is in conflict with the
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> >generally accepted reality then one should place the whole body of
>> >evidence on trial.
>> I infinitely prefer the 'Amara Graps path' to someone else's path...
>> dunno why, but it seems to suit me somehow.
>> I suspect that you, Robert, prefer the 'Robert Bradbury path' over
>> someone else's path too.
>Under the Eliezer Yudkowsky path, the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' is a
>successive approximation to THE PATH. Where the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path'
>is found to diverge from THE PATH, the Eliezer Yudkowsky path says to
>modify the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' accordingly. Furthermore, the Eliezer
>Yudkowsky path states that the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' is preferable to
>the 'Osama bin Laden path' only insofar as the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' is
>closer to THE PATH, not because it happens to be Eliezer Yudkowsky's
>path. The Eliezer Yudkowsky path states that if another path is closer to
>THE PATH than the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path', this 'better path' should be
>preferred to the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path', even if it should happen to
>belong to someone else.
>So far, the above property of the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' has been
>preserved through all modifications of the 'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' by the
>Eliezer Yudkowsky path.
>Due to some of the other modifications by the Eliezer Yudkowsky path, the
>'Eliezer Yudkowsky path' has gone from (a) asserting that THE PATH is
>completely observer-independent to (b) admitting of the possibility, and
>even considering as the null hypothesis, that THE PATH is inherent to the
>human frame of reference, or rather to the frame of reference of a large
>cluster of evolved social species. The Eliezer Yudkowsky path has thus
>reluctantly acknowledged that THE PATH may not be portable between all
>conceivable minds-in-general. However, the Eliezer Yudkowsky path is
>still very allergic to non-intraspecies-portable path components, i.e.
>path components structurally rooted to a particular human individual by
>the use of a direct reference to that individual at the lowest level of
>path content. The Eliezer Yudkowsky path is especially allergic to
>non-portable path components that are directly grounded in evolved
>selfishness or are visibly the product of evolved observer biases.
>The Eliezer Yudkowsky path applauds the Robert Bradbury path for adopting
>as path content that part of the 'Extropic path' which describes the
>scientific procedure for reevaluating evidence, since the Eliezer
>Yudkowsky path currently models this to be part of THE PATH as well.
And, according to Popper, Heisenberg and Godel, any path will most likely be an incomplete model of THE PATH, as well as most likely containing inaccuracies, as well, but the asymptotic successive approximation of any particular path to the abstract ideal of THE PATH is to be desired according to a recursive PATH principle.
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