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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 20:23:05 MDT

At 04:10 PM 10/8/01 +0100, Sean Kenny wrote of Ken MacLeod and Greg Egan:

> the spinoffs from this list have given me some of my most enjoyable
>reading experiences.

Yesterday I finished revising ENDLESS, the latest novel by me and Rory
Barnes (a drastically altered expansion of our 1999 tale STUCK IN FAST
FORWARD) that will shortly go to my New York agent. In the acknowledgments,
I recommend another enjoyable sf writer whose work is getting better and

< And here's a pointer, in parting, to those who enjoyed the spectacle of
exponentiating time: while we were completing this extension of our earlier
story, Stephen Baxter's impressive and astonishing TIME appeared, first
volume in an ambitious trilogy. Baxter awesomely takes the Poul Anderson
method about as far as it can go, luckily in a different direction from our
own; we warmly recommend it. >

Damien Broderick

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