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Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 18:12:06 MDT

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> If we had cameras, we could rate how each other looks. Better not to
rate, don't you think?
It may be better not to rate but your analogy here is a little misleading.
First, my suggestion is that one would rate the Extropian content of their
own posts, so the cameras are unnecessary. For the analogy to go through we
would simply have to rate our own looks. (I'm a 10 btw). Also, the idea is
not to rate the excellence of one's post, but the Extropian content. Thus,
your post would have a fairly high Extropian content (even if it is based on
a faulty analogy) because it is clearly to the point to discuss how
Extropian business is to proceed. Conversely, one could make a brilliant
post on a non-Extropian topic, in which case it would receive a lower
rating. The idea, in other words, is to provide some system to sort the
daily tsunami of Extropian emails that appear in our inboxes. This system
would allow one to follow the Extropian ideas without wading through all the
socializing. Anders gave some hard numbers to suggest that there is a
problem here. But to my mind the best indicator that there possibly a
problem is that Anders himself flirted with the idea of dropping from the
list. Mark

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