Re: Chomsky (was: Christopher Hitchens' Column)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 20:37:36 MDT

John Clark wrote:
> Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:
> > There was no proof that the plant was manufacturing nerve gas
> War is not an American courtroom I don't need proof beyond a reasonable doubt,

One small problem. We were not at war with this country
although we certainly acted as if we were. Before violating the
sovereign borders of a country you certainly do need some
procedure if you are not going to be an international outlaw.
And the court should be international, not American.

> more probable than not is good enough for me. Considering the murderous
> warlords who run Sudan it seems more probable than not to me that they're more
> interested in biological weapons and nerve gas than drugs to heal the sick or plastic
> for children's toys.

It was not probably in the least. Try this url on for size:,4273,4268146,00.html

The government of Sudan has been screwy for sometime but
struggling to become more normalized. Bombing out of existence
part of its industrial infrastructure is not helpful in
normalizing a country.

There was no nerve gas. Even the paltry evidence elueded to was
never produced and no such thing found on inspection after the
bombing. Your position above seems stubbornly blind to evidence
and reason.

> > We launched missles against the territory and facilities of
> > countries we were not at war with.
> Nobody formally declares war anymore, it's as out of style as hoop skirts
> but if Afghanistan wants to go against the tide and declare war on the USA
> that's fine by me. Oh wait, I'm wrong, they've already done that with their
> Jihad. Are you suggesting we just roll over and play dead?

Excuse me but this is bullshit. You don't just bomb hell out of
your neighbors whenever you feel like it without the neighbor
considering it an act of international criminality and/or

I made no suggestions. I simply pointed out that your opinion
is ill-informed saber rattling. Please reconsider it.
> >We ultimately did it because we could get away with it
> A keen grasp of the obvious. The good thing is we can and well get away
> with even more.

I don't think I want to speak to anyone who takes that opinion
in such matters of human life and death and international
relations. If that is your attitude then everyone not in your
US club is quite justified in despising you as an immoral curr.
To the extent the US acts inline with your sentiment they would
be quite justified in hatred toward it and in taking any means
they can to strike back. Is that honestly what you want? A war
of all against all until the strongest and perhaps most vile is
the only one left standing?

- samantha

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