Re: Chomsky (was: Christopher Hitchens' Column)

From: John Clark (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 22:21:44 MDT

Miriam English <> Wrote:

>I wonder what it is about Chomsky that they hate so much.

Your child was hit and killed by a car 5 minutes ago, you watched the entire
thing, you seem a bit down for some reason, I walk up to you and say " you're
a fool, the death of you child is no big thing in the grand scheme of things, you're
a hypocrite too because much worse things have happened, just last week in
the Ugabuga province of the People's Islamic Republic of Hellholeastan a thousand
strangers were murdered in a place you never heard of and I didn't see you start
blubbering about it that like you are now, don't make such a big deal about it, it's only a kid ".

Question #1: Do you think the idea of punching the shit out of me would enter your head,
at least for an instant?

Question #2: Are you surprised a man that is consumed with hate like Chomsky
is hated in return?

>He has always seemed to me carefully honest.

Question #3: Does Chomsky's statement "the U.S. has demanded that Pakistan
kill possibly millions of people who are themselves victims of the Taliban. This has
nothing to do even with revenge. It is at a far lower moral level even than that." seem
careful or honest?

              John K Clark

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