Re: Chomsky (was: Christopher Hitchens' Column)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 10:28:33 MDT

Miriam English wrote:
> At 01:12 PM 05/10/2001, Joe Dees wrote:
> >How mwny were killed in East Timor? Thousands; tens of thousands at
> >worst. And how mwny were killed in cambodia, hmmmm? TWO MILLION. Is it
> >possible that this magnitudinous disparity in human carnage was reflected
> >in the disparity of media coverage? Amd why would a purported genius like
> >Noam C. never even consider this?
> Oh come on Joe! As if the *number* of human lives destroyed is the issue!
> If that was the case then the murder of all those people in East Timor
> would have been trumpeted much louder than the deaths of the poor souls in
> the World Trade Center.
> *All* acts of systematic slaughter of innocent civilians are intolerable
> affronts to humanity. That is how Chomsky feels. He says it again and
> again. I don't get why you would seek to denigrate someone like him for
> saying such things.

THe problem is that he's not living up to his own standard. He is pooh
poohing the WTC attack because it ONLY killed <7,000 people (and of
course, we asked for it), while claiming the East Timorese were
completely innocent.

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