Re: first line of defense

From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 09:21:48 MDT

Mike Lorrey <> wrote:

> The whole shoot-em up in the air routine for holidays and other
> celebrations is a hispanic thing consistent with the legends of Pancho
> Villa, Bay of Pigs, etc etc etc, much along the lines of Greeks smashing
> plates.

I dunno. I once (somewhat warily) attended a new year's eve party among
dirt-poor, extremely ignorant west virginian hillbillies (yes my elitism
is showing). It wasn't my first choice. Fortunately there appeared to be
a tradition of letting the hostess keep all your ammunition, at least
till midnight, presumably so problems would be minimized what with the
heavy drinking, loud yelling and all.

> Ammunition is also generally an easy access firework, as opposed
> to getting busted with real fireworks in areas where they are banned
> (but where ammo is still legal, go figure).

Interesting point. I'm a big fireworks fan myself. I recall one July 4
party at a nice big house adjacant to the potomac river, where way too
many people brought massive amounts of fireworks, all clearly illegal in
that state. Talk about your special effects. Those were the



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