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> >What we need is a separate, and well-defended nation founded on
> >rational principles and governed in an anarcho-capitalist manner so we
> >can all move there and carry on our work, giving the rest of humanity
> >some time and space to catch up.
> Finally, someone who is prepared to say it aloud! We need an
> "experimental" country based on the Extropian Principles/Transhumanist
> ideals that can be "tweaked" and modified. This would certainly get
> big-time press for these concepts. A working system based on these ideas
> would show the robustness of the philosophy, plus get a good share of
> immigration as it would likely be far less restrictive of its citizenry.
> I'd been toying with the idea of writing a constitution for such a nation,
> but I'm just not up to the job. Any takers? :))

Check out Daniel Pouzzner's *The Architecture of Modern Political Power*, which also includes a proposed Constitution roughly
modeled on the long-defunct USA supreme law.
and the other links within. A great deal of the "shadow history" of the 20th Century is found here as well. So far, I have not found
any incorrect or unsupportable claims here. He, like myself, has invested several thousand hours into these subjects. Mr. Pouzzner's
work is more oriented toward the pathology of power whereas I focus on the economic and monetary absurdities. Interestingly, we both
reach similar conclusions, such as:

"...The ejection of people who recognize the broadest goals of the
establishment, and of people who overtly communicate its
methods and goals - in short, of sentient individuals - tends to
expel ideas that lead to such awareness and communication.
time, the establishment becomes a collection of people and
ideas that scrupulously precludes the possibility of conscious
awareness of establishment methods, goals, and consequences.
The cult becomes ever more cryptic, ever more effective at
defying investigation and exposure, ever more thorough in
evading accountability. In short, the secrecy of broad
establishment programs is secured by depriving the whole of
the establishment of conscious awareness thereof. This is key
to the success the establishment enjoys, however modest and
temporary it is..."

though I am a trifle less certain than he appears to be of the ultimate outcome.
has a synopsis and description of the proposed organic law.


Forrest Bishop
Chairman, Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

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