Re: Terminology Mailing Lists?

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 08:37:00 MDT

Michael Wiik wrote:
> Just curious if anyone knows any mailing lists discussing the creation
> of new terminology.

Funny you should ask. I just received the NDRC newsletter (That's
Dogbert's New Ruling Class for you induhviduals, it's aim is to take
over the world with DNRC members on top and in-duh-viduals on the
bottom, as it should be) from Scott Adams, and he discusses expanding
the DNRC lexicon as follows:

"To review some of our current vocabulary:

  In-duh-vidual: Anyone who is not in the DNRC

  A-duh-lescent: Young Induhvidual

  Cow-orker: A co-worker who is an In-duh-vidual

A DNRC member suggests a new word for Induhviduals who are in their
advanced years: El-duh-ly. It's a keeper."

I suggested another, reflecting the current problems with religious

fun-duh-mentalist: an in-duh-vidual who can't think and have fun at the
same time....

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