'exi-liberty' list created

From: Russell Whitaker (russell_whitaker@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 04:35:24 MDT

Main Extropians List members:

A few days ago, I created a mailing list for (to paraphrase James
"hardcore libertarians with extropian leanings":


I'd like to invite libertarians on this list to join us.
Emphasis on this list is "tools and technologies for the
short and medium term". Most of the talk recently centers around
guns - getting them and training with them. Don't bother joining if
you're offended by that type of topic.

There are those who will wonder "why not exi-freedom?". exi-freedom has
for a couple of years and recently saw quite a bit of traffic. The
answer: the list owner, who seems to be a Republican,
on occasion engaged in long and fruitless political
arguments with list members I respect so, fed up with that, I created
a "libertarians only" space to discuss the "what and how" rather than
argue the "what and why".

Feel free to sign up if you'd enjoy discussion of personal arms and
related technology.

Russell Whitaker
List owner, exi-liberty

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