META WWW: an inherently extropian site

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 08:25:31 MDT

I just ran across this site and its associated book:

and the related book:

"Web Pages That Suck" by Vincent Flanders

Looks interesting, because if Google is any reasonable
judge, there are 1.61 billion pages out there and if
my experience is any guide (posting a letter or more
a week to webmasters whose pages don't work) a significant
fraction of them "suck".

Does anyone know of an "agent" that runs around the web
looking for broken links, Javascript parsing errors, etc.
and attempts to notify the page "owner" of the problems
encountered? It would seem to be an "obvious" application.
(Of note, and
appear to be unallocated names...)

A related question might be does anyone know of people whose
jobs are entirely "event driven" by agents? I.e. a significant
majority of such individuals' time is directed by problems
discovered by automated systems (software or hardware)?
(The reality being your "boss" is a automaton...).


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