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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 09:23:18 MDT

>From Greg Burch:

>But I DO think that Sufism offers one of the very few leverage
>points for moderating Islam. Thus it is a very worthwhile subject
>of study.

A very interesting post.

I'm currently taking a "beginers" class in meditation at a local
Buddhist temple. They are well aware of the fact that I consider
myself more of a "Zennist" than a "Buddhist", but being able to
have free consultation (minus donations ;) ) from a master of the
art is proving rewarding.

My favorite questions involve how they see Buddhism "adapting" to
western culture and vice/versa. I made the monks laugh by asking
"What would the world be like if everyone sat down for a half hour
of meditation before going to bed?"

I think current events will tend to turn more moderate Muslims
against their more errant brothers.

>Greg Burch
>Vice-President, Extropy Institute
>Message to the Taliban: "Give up the terrorists or we'll send your
>women to college" (seen in a cartoon yesterday)

I've been duscussing this with friends since the attack occured.

Since the Taliban will probably be replaced as a result of the
attempt to deliver justice to Bin Laden the U.N. will necessarily
be involved in helping Afganistan to establish a new government.

If I recall correctly the U.N. paper on human rights includes
universal sufferage.

That should be interesting.


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