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>From: "David P. Reed" <dpreed@reed.com>
>Subject: "Brain fingerprinting"
>Cc: "David Coursey" <david@coursey.com>
>Technology millionaire Steve Kirsch is getting a lot of publicity for a
>variety of antiterrorism ideas packaged in technical form. In ZDNet
>today, David Coursey seems to have become a believer in his latest idea,
>"brain fingerprinting" at airports. Coursey buys the idea based on such
>testimony as the FBI deeming "brain fingerprinting" _100% accurate_, with
>_no false positives_ and _no false negatives_ - claims that have never
>before been swallowed so credulously by a journalist.
>This sounds like the worst form of technological flim-flammery, and
>deserves to be exposed as such. There simply are no tests that can
>reliably do what is claimed. One might as well believe in Astrologically
>based security.
>And Kirsch's analysis of the civil liberties questions involved are
>absurdly simplistic. Essentially he seems to be claiming that if you are
>pure of heart you will pass, but that anyone whose feelings are provoked
>by certain images in certain ways should be defined as a "terrorist"
>(except those who happen to be trained killers, who we know to be
>especially good because they are "Navy SEALs"). We don't know if people
>who "lust in their heart" will commit adultery, and we don't know that
>people who dislike America will commit terrorism. We certainly can't
>experimentally validate such ideas scientifically.
>It's absurd to convict people based on some primitive attempt to measure
>their thoughts and feelings, rather than their actions. That is a new
>standard never before heard of in US history.
>- David
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