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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 15:23:17 MDT said:
> I figure unpracticed proles would have about a one in 200 chance of a
> hit per shot, and of the hits one in 10 would be one that has a chance
> of ending the terrorist's fun. So a few hundred proles in a burb the
> size of this one with 10 round magazines should be sufficient to bring
> it down before the Air Force arrives. spike

Anyone know what the statistics are for the proportion of shots fired into
the air in urban areas that hit someone? Anyone want to guess how often
people are going to be prematurely frightened by innocent low-flying
planes? (Sure this is for wartime, but let's keep the friendly fire for
times when there are at least some enemies present.)

PG&E reportedly had their regularly scheduled low-flying plane out
inspecting the status of trees growing into power lines in the early
morning hours a week ago. 911 got a lot of phone calls, and it ended up in
the paper. Luckily no one had their gun ready.


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