Re: Crocker's Rules vs. Love
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 01:45:45 EDT

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<< unless you love someone-

     -nothing else makes any sense-
            e.e. cummings


Finally - a cool response....

my two cents:

First of Lee didn't make this shit up, it's pretty damn basic. I think basically, nothing is wrong with taking personal responsiblity for one's own feelings, and control over -- or lack of control -- over them. Choice.

It's a pretty beasic Zen Buddhist principle.

Second, when he started bagging on "politeness" he pissed everyone off.


I believe, that one can take responsiblity for one's own reactions AND be polite.

If and only if, one comes from a position of loving, basing your reaction (or non-reaction) on empathy -- in that honest reaction. Otherwise you're just being a smart-ass who say's "I don't give a damn about what you're saying, you can't effect me" ..or something like that. Which is not just impolite, it's condescending and cold. And callous.

So come with love, brothers and sisters, listen and care what others do, be concerned about their motive, and if someone hurts you, squeal out loud!!!

love and poodles,