Styles of exchange: (was) Re: Extropic Flare In NY Art Scene
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:44:17 EDT

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<< Have you ever done martial arts? In a dojo, once you get out on the mat, no one is better than anyone else. Still, each student is expected to push themself hard, learning from those more skilled and leading by example those who are newer. After practice matches, even if you get your butt kicked, you realize you've had a lot of fun and a good workout, and that everyone respects you for being out there and trying. Our debates could be viewed like those practice matches. Hope that you will stick around!

No i am not looking at interchange with ideas as a self defense match, unless I feel someone has threatened me or someone I care about.

At that time, I agree, a match is in order, perhaps even a good butt-kicking. But I will do even *that* with a sense of humor, and good nature.

However for the most part I enjoy a 'nurturing' metaphor for my discourse with respected peers-- rather than sparring metaphor.