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Good Credit/Bad Credit/No Credit.....*** NO PROBLEM***

It just Doesn't Matter - Everyone Gets Approved No Upfront Fees For application-Processing! While Others Charge You From $195 to $250 to Get Set Up WE CHARGE ZERO FOR SETUP FEES!!!

Limited Offer So Take Advantage of it!!
We Specialize in Servicing The Following:


It's finally here!!
A fast and reliable way to process credit cards through your web site The Internet's reach is global - it knows no time zones or physical boundaries. Withg our user friendly, easy to use program, you will convert your web site from an electronic brochure to a virual storefront without the addition of a sales clerk!!!

SECURE REAL-TIME ON-LINE TRANSACTIONS make it as easy as possible for your customers to purchase your products or services. We use SSL SECURITY (best on the NET today!). You will summon your customers' impulse buying when you can safely process credit cards through a secured web site linked directly to your web page.
The Internet is the fastest growing industry in today's direct marketing business. DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND!!!
Give your customers the convenience of ordering products right from your web page.

Now tell me if this doesn't sound intriguing, lets say a customer visits your web site and decides they want to buy your product(s) or service(s). They would simply enter their credit card information and receive an approval WITHIN 5 SECONDS. Thats all there is to it!!!

>From that point on, the sale is complete and the money will be directly
deposited into your business checking account within 24 to 48 hours. So you will have LIQUID ASSETS AVAILABLE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!!! Your customer will be e-mailed a receipt, and you will be e-mailed an invoice slip, all instantaneously. Now, since this program is automated for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you will be receiving orders and making money in your sleep!!!

We Also offer SOFTWARE AND TERMINAL PACKAGES. With our SOFTWARE PROGRAM, you can now take PHONE, and MAIL ORDERS, accept credit cards and expose your business to thousands of new customers. All of this done through your own personal computer!!!

To accomodate your STOREFRONT RETAIL BUSINESS,we offer an ELECTRONIC TERMINAL, and PRINTER PACKAGE. A terminal will allow you to receive the LOWEST DISCOUNT RATE per transaction available.


You can apply for a merchant account with NO APPLICATION FEE, and BETTER RATES!!! We believe the ability to accept credit card payments greatly enhances your business, adds additional credibility in the marketplace, and increases your potential for immediate sales. So, if your serious about increasing your business potential, get your own Merchant Account Today!!!

Call the following Number and Get Started Right Away!!


Thank You and Here's to Bigger and Better Business!!!

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