Re: Extropian DOES NOT EQUAL Libertarianism! [was RE: Gore Shocks
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 20:25:28 EDT

I don't have time to do this subject justice but, for what it's worth, would like to quickly post a very brief summary of my personal views on the general topic. In my opinion the basic values and ideas that have been expressed in the Extropian Principles as they have evolved over time are MOST consistent with a libertarian political philosophy and maximally free markets as a
"default" approach to economic issues. This does not necessarily mean
"Libertarian Party libertarianism" or anarcho-capitalism, although I think
both are by and large very extropic. As I wrote here at more length a few months ago, I think that one can hold libertarian political ideals and also be a minarchist in practice.

I think the Extropian Principles are inconsistent with unchecked central state authority or the use of coercion against people and groups who mind their own business or to restrict the rights of individuals to make whatever contracts they choose to make. I think that someone who holds extropian values and ideals should by and large take the stance that people who propose a statist solution to a social problem have the burden of showing how that proposed solution doesn't do more harm than good by restricting the freedom of individuals to carry on their lives as they choose. But I'm willing to listen to a cogently and diplomatically argued case for a statist policy in any particular instance.

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