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Sun, 29 Aug 1999 12:24:31 EDT

In a message dated 99-08-29 00:31:33 EDT, (Kathryn Aegis) wrote:

 > The basic, repeated, complaint is that dynamic, intelligent women who have

> careers in the real world subscribe to these lists and get slammed with
> neanderthal attitudes: An assumption that they came here looking for
> dates. Having to read blatently ignorant threads like the one on female
> genetics and longevity. Having their postings and questions ignored or
> overly criticized.

While I certainly agree with you Kathryn that we can do a much better job of creating a welcoming environment for women in our group, I think the discussion about "female genetics and longevity" is a legitimate one that's by and large been carried out in a fairly objective way (although some of the side-bar comments in the discussion have been a little rough). Any group that's keenly interested in human behavior and genetics, as we are, has to make itself aware of current research and theories about human evolutionary psychology. For instance, I can't recommend enough Howard Buss' (now somewhat dated, but still very good) book "The Evolution of Desire" as offering insights into the reproductive and inter-sexual behavior of the human animal. I agree that such discussions should be carried on in a diplomatic fashion, since they touch on a topic of great potential personal sensitivity, but the subject itself is surely one that's quite proper for our group.

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