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Kathryn Aegis (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 16:57:40

At 06:42 PM 8/28/99 CEST, you wrote:
>I don't know anything about this, since I wasn't a member of the list then.
>Could you please explain further?

I wish that people would explain their reasons for leaving a list TO the list, because then change might actually occur. But no, they vent to me and then leave. And make no mistake, this is still happening.

The basic, repeated, complaint is that dynamic, intelligent women who have careers in the real world subscribe to these lists and get slammed with neanderthal attitudes: An assumption that they came here looking for dates. Having to read blatently ignorant threads like the one on female genetics and longevity. Having their postings and questions ignored or overly criticized.

And so they get fed up, because they don't get treated this way in the real world. They assume that this must have made mistake in what they thought transhumanism was about. So they leave. And we miss out on their contributions.

>"Effort" could simply mean making
>>ourselves known in forums and networks we hadn't previously considered.
>>Simple coalition-building techniques. Right now our networking is very
>>narrow in scope, tends to be among those we feel comfortable with.
>You're right. What forums and networks do you have in mind?

I am sure that there are many associations exist in the scientific and computer fields for women and other 'ethnic' groups. Those of you who work in those fields might take a minute to look around. Also, when you go to meetings and conferences, try to expand the scope of people that you approach to talk to. Find out what different groups sent people there and try to get to know their reps.

Kathryn Aegis