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> > In fact, this is part and parcel of the whole Mensa nonsense propagated
> > Mensa founder Cyril Burt in his massively fraudulent Twin Study, very
> > the most costly scientific fraud in all history. Burt got his job and
> > title "Father of British Eductation" as a consequence of this famous
> > which appeared to definitively prove that intelligence was largely
> > determined by heredity. You used to see this quoted in every intro
> > 101 text.
>Burt's data has been deleted from most of the literature because of his
>systematic errors which look more to be the result of his arrogance
than of
>premeditated fraud. Arthur Jensen goes over this in _Straight Talk About
>Mental Tests_ (pp124-127) and offers the following conclusion, "the
>of Burt's empirical legacy would scarcely make an iota of difference
to any
>general conclusion regarding the heritability of intelligence, so much
>greater is the body of more recent and better evidence." This
was written
>in 1981.
>Now, this is not to say that non-hereditary factors have no impact, but we
>should _not_ adopt the syllogism:
> Cyril Burt's data is wrong.

> Cyril Burt's data supports the view that intelligence is inherited.
> Ergo, the view that intelligence is inherited is wrong.

>Daniel Ust
> Proud not to be a member of Mensa!
Nice how neatly - and quickly! - that whole chapter was covered over by academia. That syllogism wasn't my argument, BTW.

Phil Osborn
Waiting for Mensa to repudiate Burt....

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