Re: Have you had a facelift, lost weight or something? (fwd)

Gabriele Betti (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 00:24:13 +0200


At 14.51 21/08/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> The "Microsoft" of the anti-aging industry has been discovered!
>> This will be a $300 billion industry that will create more
>> multi-millionaires in the next two years than anything else ever
>> discovered.
>> How many millions of people wouldn't like to lose body fat, gain
>> muscle mass, reduce wrinkles, increase energy, improve cholesterol
>> profiles, ... and so much more! Look and feel like a million bucks
>> (and earn a similar size bank account too!).
>> Timing is everything. We sent you this email because we know you're a
>> serious minded entrepreneur who wants to stop the "disease" called aging
>> and make HUGE SUMS OF CASH while doing it.
>With a relatively high degree of confidence, I would label *THIS*
>message as SPAM and would argue that it justifies a level 3 response!