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>>Aristotle used some very intricate pure logic and concluded with
>>certainty that women MUST have fewer teeth than men. They don't.
>>Aristotle had a wife, he could have counted her teeth at any time but
>>never bothered to because he already knew the truth, or thought he did.

Clint O'Dell <> Wrote:

>Where can I find information about this?

I think I got that from one of Bertrand Russell's books, probably "A History Of Western Philosophy" or "Wisdom Of The West". I could never get through Aristotle myself, his writing style is terrible, much more turgid than his teacher Plato, and the more I learned about him the less willing I was to go through the torture. He did some good stuff in logic and he was an OK biologist, but his physics was a joke and his contempt for experiment held back science for many years.

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